Tara Santora

Hi there!

I’m a science journalist based in New York.

As an editor of Scienceline.org, I enjoy writing about health and the environment, especially related to marginalized communities. I love podcasts and audio stories and am looking forward to producing a few in the coming months. You can find me as an Editorial Intern at Spectrum.

In my free time, I write fiction and voice act for audio drama podcasts.

Recent Articles


DNA technique documents key events in cell history

Spectrum October 18, 2019

A new method uses DNA mutations to maintain a detailed record of series of cellular events.


Language regression in autism tied to motor milestones

Spectrum October 9, 2019

Autistic children who lose words reach key milestones earlier than autistic children without language regression, according to a new study.


Wireless device showers mouse brains with drugs, light

Spectrum October 4, 2019

A novel implant can deliver complex combinations of drugs and light to targeted areas of a lab animal’s brain, without restricting the animal’s movement.


Ten Birdy Children's Books to Read With Your Fledglings

Audubon August 30, 2019

Celebrate back-to-school season with these avian-inspired tales, from the joy of the Christmas Bird Count to the story of a wind-blown Whimbrel.


Detained Migrant Children Paint Birds as Symbols of Freedom and Home

Audubon August 19, 2019

Confined in a tent city near El Paso, teens portrayed parrots and quetzals in works now on display at the “Uncaged Art” exhibit.


A Sassy Crow Narrates the Zombie Apocalypse in New Novel

Audubon August 7, 2019

“Hollow Kingdom” is Kira Jane Buxton’s love letter to crows featuring junk food, drooling dogs, and the end of humanity.


Disturbing Photo Shows a Black Skimmer Feeding a Cigarette Butt to Its Chick

Audubon August 1, 2019

The image confirms what many researchers have long suspected—that wild birds mistake the pervasive and harmful litter for food.


Hacking photosynthesis to feed the future

Scienceline July 20, 2019

Pesticides, fertilizers, and machines aren’t enough to meet the burgeoning demand for food crops but fast-growing GMO plants could pick up the slack.

eunice foote.jpg

The Female Scientist Who Discovered the Basics of Climate Science—And Was Forgotten By History

Audubon July 17, 2019

Celebrate Eunice Foote’s 200th birthday by learning how she predicted the effect of greenhouse gases before the man who gets the credit.


How to Keep Your Hummingbird Feeder Free from Pests

Audubon July 15, 2019

A few small steps can protect your nectar from bears and insects.


How Birding Ended This Indie Musician's Creative Block

Audubon July 12, 2019

Birds sparked Stephan Nance's recovery from trauma. Now their sets have so many avian shout-outs, fans get a checklist to catch them all.


This Novelist Turns Her Favorite Birding Moments Into Teen Fiction

Audubon July 3, 2019

A mysterious bird drives the action in Adrienne Kisner's new novel about standing up for what you hold dear.


Female Cerulean Warblers Chirp Away at Birdsong Stereotypes

Audubon June 24, 2019

Though females of this species aren't known to sing, that didn’t stop two in Indiana from belting out new tunes.