Tara Santora

Hi there!

I’m a science journalist based in New York.

As an editor of Scienceline.org, I enjoy writing about women’s health, queer and trans health, and the environment. I also love podcasts and audio stories and look forward to producing a few in the coming months. You can also find me as an Editorial Intern at Audubon.

I also write fiction and voice act for audio drama podcasts.

Recent Articles


Overcrowding Might be Driving Bald Eagles to Nest On Beaches

Audubon June 18, 2019

On the Virginia Barrier Islands, five ground nests have been found in the past six years—something never before seen on the East Coast.


What Kind of Network Predicts Success for Women MBA Grads?

Psychology Today June 11, 2019

Networking like men may put women at a disadvantage in the job market.


Why Are There No Approved Drugs for Anorexia?

Psychology Today May 14, 2019

Drug testing is difficult when the end goal is a patient’s biggest fear.

blue-close-up-communication-1386336 (1).jpg

Science has a gender issue — and it’s not a lack of women

Scienceline May 6, 2019

You can plead semantics, but the difference between sex and gender is real, and it’s crucial in science and society. Yet not all scientists recognize the difference, let alone account for it in their research.

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For Those With One Disorder, What's the Risk of Another?

Psychology Today May 3, 2019

Developing a second mental disorder after having one is "the rule, not the exception.” In fact, having one type of mental disorder increases the risk of developing a second disorder in every other category, according to a new study.


How Lauren Shippen's Fantasy Shines a Light on Mental Health

Psychology Today April 5, 2019

Lauren Shippen has long struggled with anxiety. Her panic attacks can be miserable—but they have also sparked her imagination. What if an attack triggered something even more startling—say, for example, time travel?