Tara Santora
Tara Santora
Science Journalist, Fiction Writer, Voice Actor

Science journalist.

Fiction Writer.

Voice actor.

I’m the Associate Editor at Scienceline.org, an Editorial Intern at Psychology Today, the author of unpublished YA fantasy novel Elinah Omondi and the Runaway Witches (now querying), and the voice of Helen on the sci-fi podcast The Insomnia Project.

Recent Articles


Video: LGBT+ students confront challenges in STEM by building community

Scienceline.org Feb. 14, 2019

Succeeding in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math is difficult for many students — but queer and transgender students face additional challenges ranging from lack of visibility to outright discrimination.

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Milking cashews, not cows, for sustainability

Scienceline.org Jan. 11, 2019

Behind every vegetarian are a dozen meat-lovers proclaiming they could never give up bacon.

Now, they might not have to: Environmentally conscious companies are cooking up new veggie alternatives that are practically indistinguishable from their meaty cousins.

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All about ‘date rape’ drugs

Scienceline.org Dec. 19, 2018

#MeToo advocates have sent a clear message: survivors are never to blame for being sexually assaulted — no matter whether they were sober, high or drunk at the time.

Knowing how to recognize whether your drink has been drugged — and how to prevent your drink from being drugged in the first place — can protect you and your friends against potential sexual abusers.


Trump’s transgender memo could damage trans mental health, experts say

Scienceline.org Nov. 13, 2018

While trans people have responded to the October 2018 federal anti-trans memo with outrage and the promise that they’re not going anywhere, the government’s actions could still jeopardize their mental health. It likely already has.